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We’re a small team with a lot of friends, doing mad things together since 2014. We love people, food and Copenhagen, and every project we do revolves around these three things. Currently, we offer a tailor-made foodie guide service - Explore, and we're also writing a book. We don't plan to stop there though! Read our journal or sign up to our newsletter to stay in the know.

Psst. to our international readers - "mad" is Danish for "food"!

mad /’mað/ n. food; en ~ a sandwich; -en er færdig dinner/lunch is ready; give fuglene ~ feed the birds; lave ~ a) cook (fx learn how to cook); b) do the cooking (fx he does the cooking).

What peeps are saying

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They're everywhere!

Jonathan Soriano Denmark

I know what's going on in Copenhagen restaurant wise - But i couldn't give a higher compliment than this: If I'm going out to eat, I would check @madaboutcopenhagen before!

Martin Duedahl Denmark

Hazel was the first one to really understand, put into words and capture in pictures, what we had been doing for the last 3 years. She caught the soul of our place in the very best way.

Jacob Breinholt Schou Denmark

Mad About Copenhagen is always the first mover, to believe in us little guys and our team of great people. They tell the world about us - then everyone else comes running!

Morten Frydensdal Denmark
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