Hoddeok Happiness

1 March 2015 by Hazel

Say hello to ‘Seed Hoddoek’. A hoddeok is a type of filled pancake, a popular street food in South Korea, that is traditionally eaten during the winter. It is a simple dough, stuffed with brown sugar, cinnamon, walnuts, and sunflower seeds or Kimchi. They are soft, spongy and bouncey in texture, with a crisp, fried outside.

‘Delivering Happiness’

These guys do much more than sell pancakes. What this little pancake stall actually represents is a much larger scale project called ‘Delivering Happiness’, founded by Bruce Kim, a student from South Korea who has been living in Denmark for 4 years. His team of volunteers mainly consists of South Korean students living in Denmark.

South Koreans are quite curious about Denmark, and its’ ranking as number one on the ‘World Happiness Report’ (South Korea sits down at number forty one).

With every pancake sold in Copenhagen, a small interview is conducted with the customer whilst they wait for their pancake, about how Danes and people living in the Danish capital feel about their own happiness. Their responses are collected in a ‘Happiness Report’ and ‘delivered’ to the Danish embassy in South Korea. Bruce and the volunteers hope to give South Korea a better understanding of what it means to be happy, taking their inspiration from Denmark.

But the project also works in the other direction, and educates Danes and Copenhagen-dwellers about the culture of South Korea, which is often mistakenly associated with North Korea. Bruce hopes that Korean food will become more recognised and sought after in the Danish capital.

Kimchi, Seed Hoddeok near Torvehallerne, madaboutcopenhagen
Kimchi, Seed Hoddeok near Torvehallerne, madaboutcopenhagen

As of the 21st March, Seed Hoddeok will have the prime summer spot between Torvehallerne’s two halls, and they’ll be doing plenty more Korean dishes for us to sample, including Bing Soo (shaved ice dessert with sweet toppings such as fruit, condensed milk and syrup). With all these new additions, they’ll no longer be ‘Seed Hoddeok’ but ‘Kopan’.

Keep an eye on Seed Hoddeok’s Facebook page for location updates.