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Welcome to Copenhagen. 

It truly is a city full of foodie wonders, and we'd hate for you to miss out on all the fun.

You're here, so you must be quite a foodie. But what kind of foodie are you? Are you on a quest to devour as many Michelin stars as possible, do you seek out the hidden gems, or do you just want the creamiest, most al dente pasta the city has to offer?

No foodie is the same, and that's why we can't simply make a list of the "top 10 places to eat in Copenhagen". We'd much rather get to know you - your deepest darkest desires, your aversions, and your quirks.

Tell us everything, and then we'll get to work making your unique guide to Copenhagen, including 10 personal recommendations based on what you tell us, and a custom map so you can navigate around the city.

Mad love,

Hazel, Marie & Antonio

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Our guides

What happens when I order a guide?

As soon as we receive you order, one of us will email you to say hi, and clarify any details. Then our little team sit down to discuss the best options for your guide, before we begin designing it. When it's ready, we'll send it to you via email.

Can I use my guide on my mobile phone?

Yes! The finished guide will be a .pdf document, containing links to all the locations and websites of the places we've recommended. It includes a digital map so you can navigate around. You can also go old school and print it out. 

What will my guide contain?

Each guide includes 10 recommendations for places or events, and a "Mad map", so you can find everything easily. 

Every recommendation in your guide is based on what you tell us. It could be that you live in Copenhagen and you want to challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone - explore a new area, or a new type of cuisine. Or maybe you're visiting the city and you've only got a few days to wine and dine at as many wonderful places as possible. Maybe you don't have a clue, and you just want us to come up with a fun foodie challenge for you! 

Printed guide to Copenhagen, Explore, Mad About Copenhagen
Printed guide to Copenhagen, Explore, Mad About Copenhagen

Can I give a guide as a gift?

Yes! In the future, we'd like to develop our service to include gift options, where we'd wrap your guide in a golden box, etc. But for now, if you'd like to order a guide for someone else, just answer the questions as if you were the lucky recipient (but use your own email address).

Who makes my guide?

We do! We’re a small bunch of food nerds and we make it our business to know about everything that's happening in foodie Copenhagen. Go ahead, stalk us!

How soon will I get my guide after placing an order?

We'll have it ready for you within 48 hoursIf you're desperate to get your guide sooner (eg. if you just landed in Copenhagen and you're only here for 2 days), you can pay a bit extra to be pushed to the front of the line. Then we'll aim to have it ready for you within 5 working hours. Working hours are 9:00 - 18:00 CEST.

Do you book restaurants?

No, but we’ll always include relevant information about booking for a particular restaurant. It’s up to you to decide if and when you’d like to go, and book the table whenever suits you best. If you have trouble booking a restaurant we’ve recommended, just ask us for help.

If we didn’t answer your question, we want to! Tweet @madaboutcph or write to us.