3 February 2015 by Hazel

Burger-wise, you're spoilt for choice in Copenhagen. There the classics, then a few places doing it a bit differently, with mini burgers, fishy burgers and some.

yellowlemontreeblog at Café Alma, madaboutcopenhagen

Cafe Alma

One of Copenhagen’s oldest and greatest burgers, this is Café Alma’s “old fashioned”. You get a choice of meat and all the possible toppings. @yellowlemontreeblog is certainly enjoying hers!

thehazertazer at Tommi's Burger Joint, madaboutcopenhagen

Tommi's Burger Joint

Tommi's is the burger sweetheart of the city, and understandably so. Small, simple, hilarious decor, great burgers and friendly staff. @thehazertazer enjoying one here!

mettelindgaard at Fat Burger, Copenhagen Street Food, madaboutcopenhagen

Fat Burger

This one is from Fat Burger and to accompany the beef steak burger in its rustic bun, there are pickled red onions, pickles, melty cheese, crispy marinated kale, bacon and chilli mayo. Photograph by @mettelindgaard.

melissamylinh at Cock's & Cows, madaboutcopenhagen

Cock's & Cows

A myriad of options you'll find on the C&C menu. These burgers come on plates with, and they're huge with equally huge sides, so turn up hungry. Photo by @melissamylinh.

thehazertazer at Gasoline Grill, madaboutcopenhagen

Gasoline Grill

It's a burger joint, in a gas station, called @gasolinegrill. And it's damn good.

thehazertazer at Astrid och Apornas Spiseri, madaboutcopenhagen

Astrid och Apornas Spiseri

Astrid och Apornas Spiseri is the vegetarian answer to fast food - and it's delicious. Grab one and eat it by the window overlooking lovely Jægersborggade like @thehazertazer did.

annemonsted at Salon 39, madaboutcopenhagen

Salon 39

The classy cocktail bar that does a badass burger, as photographed (and presumably, eaten) by @annemonsted!

nesleingrebennehenel at Grillen, madaboutcopenhagen


Choose from 8 mega burgers, with various type of buns, meat (or veggie: portobello mushroom) and fillings. Then grab a portion of chilli fries or curly fries. Here's @nesleingrebennehenel with the 'snaskede' (messy) burger!

nonsolofood at JuicyBurger, madaboutcopenhagen


Grambogaard meat delivered and cooked fresh every day (like the old meatpacking district days) and served with loads of funky toppings in a homemade bun. Photo by @nonsolofood.

clickyoverload at Café N, madaboutcopenhagen

Cafe N

Café N isn’t a fancy place, but it’s damn cosy, serves a hearty brunch and a hefty burger, it’s all vegetarian, and delicious to boot! Photo by @clickyoverload.

dalbymma at Halifax Trianglen, madaboutcopenhagen


The mini burger chain with 6 restaurants in Copenhagen owes its success to great ingredients, and a great concept. The menu allows you to 'design your own burger', so you choose the bun, the meat, toppings and the sides. Photo by @dalbymma.

soulscph, madaboutcopenhagen


Say hello to the city's greenest burger, and without a doubt one of the tastiest. @soulscph is kicking burger ass with this beauty!

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