Espresso Martini

6 September 2015 by Hazel

Quite a specific category, but nonetheless an important one. @thehazertazer developed a bit of an espresso martini obsession, and so began this guide!

thehazertazer at Balderdash, madaboutcopenhagen
thehazertazer at Balderdash, madaboutcopenhagen


It's no surprise that the one stealing our hearts is to be found at Balderdash. Something a little different, this is the "espresso Martini on sexy slush ice machine with bacon salt" (yes, really). Ask for extra bacon salt - you won't regret it.

Spise\Bar Nr.20

Spise\Bar Nr. 20's espresso martini is a little different. Made with orange infused tequila, gomme, kahlua and of course espresso, it's packs quite a punch (in a good way). And look how smooth it is!

nmulalic at NOHO, madaboutcopenhagen
nmulalic at NOHO, madaboutcopenhagen


Whether you're working or playing at NOHO (as per their two neon signs), an espresso martini is in order. It's the classic, and it's a good one! 

Kent Kaffe Laboratorie

Some of the city's best coffee nerds are whipping up a great espresso martini! If you're after a daytime pick-me-up head to Kent Kaffe Lab for one like this.

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