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Taste seeker "I don’t want to be bored in my mouth. Give me the crazy, the spicy, the fusions and the funky!"
Got the munchies Pizza, creamy pasta, oozing eggs, sticky pastries, burgers, pulled pork. Bascially, the comfort food classics.
Future navigator How does the food world of tomorrow look? You want in on the latest foodie concept in town, you dare devil.
Health freak "My body is a holy temple and in it shall go delicious and nutritious things!"
The historian The old recipes are the kings. Discovering tradition is what gets your tastebuds (and wise old mind) tingling.
Stars in your eyes You want to wine and dine at the hippest places in town, half for the food - half for the people watching.
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I live in Copenhagen
I'm visiting Copenhagen

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Copenhagen K
I don't know

7. Select any of the things you'd like to experience in Copenhagen.

Cute little foodie shops
Ice cream
Food markets
Asian cuisine
Sweet things
High-end restaurants
Mid-range restaurants
Late night munchies
New nordic
Lots of meat
Traditional Danish cuisine
Vegan scene

8. What do you want to get out of exploring Copenhagen? (Choose any that apply to you)

To meet people
To develop my tastebuds
To discover a new side of my city
To be the most popular in my group of friends
To avoid pasta depression
To fall in love
To end up in a blissful food coma, unable to move for several days
World peace

9. What's your ideal Friday night?

A cold shower and early to bed
The more booze the better
Netflix and chill
Romantic candlelit dinner
Just hanging with my cats
Stalking my friends on social media
A spontaneous night out

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