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1 February 2015 by Hazel

For those of you into you Mexican food, there are a few great places in Copenhagen to get tacos...

Tacos, carlfagerstrom at Hijá de Sanchez, Mad About Copenhagen
Tacos, carlfagerstrom at Hijá de Sanchez, madaboutcopenhagen

Hija de Sanchez

Former Noma pastry chef, Rosio Sánchez, has taken to the streets to fill them with incredible tacos, quesadilla and all things tortilla! Hija de Sánchez first popped up under Knippelsbro for Cinco de Mayo and now you can get your michelin-eqsque tacos as a regular thing at Torvehallerne, every day 12:00 - 19:00. Photo by @carlfagerstrom.

Tacos, foodfanaticdk at Blue Taco, Mad About Copenhagen
Tacos, foodfanaticdk at Blue Taco, madaboutcopenhagen

Blue Taco

Blue Taco has a prime spot on Blagårdsgade 1, serving tacos like Cactus (middle) and the famous Coca Cola Beef (right) plus tonnes of mexi-snacks and drinks! And they're blue, because they are made from Mexican blue corn. Photo by @foodfanaticdk.

Tacos, ditsen at Barburrito, Mad About Copenhagen
Tacos, ditsen at Barburrito, madaboutcopenhagen


Take a breather from the christmas party food and stop by Barburrito for some excellent mexican dishes - mainly tacos and burritos - but also plaintains - yes plantains, in Denmark!! And cocktails, of course. We’re drooling over @ditsen’s spread here!

Tacos, emmasmoller at Condesa, Mad About Copenhagen
Tacos, emmasmoller at Condesa, madaboutcopenhagen


Tacos definitely look better arranged like this, and taste good too, according to @emmasmoller!

Tacos, melissamylinh at Tacos Chucho, Copenhagen Street Food, Mad About Copenhagen
Tacos, melissamylinh at Tacos Chucho, Copenhagen Street Food, madaboutcopenhagen

Tacos Chucho

Copenhagen Street Food is still up and running, and the perfect place to cosy up and shelter from the rain with something hot to eat and some heartwarming booze. Foodie @melissamylinh is sampling the sautéed mushrooms and chipotle chicken from Tacos Chuco, with chips, of course!