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Digital guide

Your very own digital guide, complete with links and a map so you can navigate your way around the food spots in Copenhagen that we've selected for you.

We send it to you via email and you can use it on your phone or computer.

DKK 350

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Gift guide

A gift wrapped guide, printed on textured paper, sewn together with golden thread, and served in a golden envelope, for you to give to your most beloved foodie friend.

Only available in Denmark (free shipping).

DKK 490

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What kind of foodie are you?

Are you on a quest to devour as many Michelin stars as possible, do you seek out the hidden gems, or do you just want the creamiest, most al dente pasta the city has to offer?

No foodie is the same, and that's why we can't simply make a list of the "top 10 places to eat in Copenhagen". We'd much rather get to know you - your deepest darkest desires, your aversions, and your quirks.

Each guide contains 10 personalised recommendations

Every recommendation in the guide we make for you is based on what you tell us.

Perhaps you're obsessed with pasta and you want a guide that takes you around the best pasta Copenhagen has to offer. It could also be a complete mix of bakeries, wine bars, fancy restaurants and greasy late night takeouts. All you need to do is tell us as much as you can about whoever the guide is for (if it's for you or a friend), and we’ll do the rest. Get started, order a guide!


If you order a digital guide, we aim to have your guide ready and emailed to you within 4 working days. If you order a gift guide, this takes a little more time. We aim to have it ready to deliver within 5 working days, so it should arrive at your chosen address within 8 working days after we receive your order. 

N.B. We only deliver gift guides to addresses in Denmark.

Made by people, not algorithms

We’re a small bunch of food nerds and we make it our business to know about everything that's happening in foodie Copenhagen. Go ahead, stalk us.

For each guide, we sit down together to discuss the best places for you (or the person you are giving the guide to), we make a shortlist of 10 places, and then write a personalised recomendation for each place. 

Got questions? Tweet @madaboutcph or write to us.