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A new look for Mad About Copenhagen

12 February 2017 by Hazel

Our logo competition in November produced some true works of art. We were so amazed and humbled by the sheer amount of designs, doodles and ideas we received. Such a cool community we have! You can take a look at some of our favourites, here.

Mad About Copenhagen logo stamp by Rikke Wehner Hein
Mad About Copenhagen logo stamp by Rikke Wehner Hein

Why change the logo?

I started Mad About Copenhagen in 2014 as a fun little project on Instagram. It was just me sat in my bedroom, with this idea, a few photos and zero followers. Back then, the old logo made sense and, to be honest, it was easy — I didn’t think much about it. Now, the mad team is growing, we’re defining a new direction for the brand, going a bit more artsy and analogue, and we wanted a kickass logo to match.

Luckily, along came Rikke — the talented lady who designed our new logo. Rikke is a graphic designer by profession, and a doodler and interior designer by night. Inspiration struck when she saw we were looking for a new logo.

“It’s so rare that I get this inspired — maybe like, 5 times a year? I couldn’t stop thinking about what the logo should be, and I knew I just had to sit down and make something for it.”

She was particularly drawn to the analogue part, having previously worked at Double Standards in Berlin, where no campaign or visual identity was complete without screen printing, books, stamps, or newspaper collages.

“These days, if you walk into most design agencies, they’re usually all sat staring at their screens. It’s such a shame!”

We love our new logo. It’s a work of art in itself. The way the letters fit together is so intrinsically perfect for the words Mad About Copenhagen - it's not a design that could simply be altered for other cities, or concepts, and we kind of love that too. It fits so well with our our belief in the unique deliciousness and individuality of Copenhagen. And it’s going to look great on our shop window ;)

Keep up with Rikke’s nighttime endeavours on @wehnerhein and @homefling.