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All the mad logos

12 December 2016 by Hazel

When we decided it was time for a new logo, and launched the doodling competition in November, we had no idea whether we'd get 3 or 100 designs (it was closer to 100)! We are so amazed and humbled by the creativity, time and love our friends and community have put into this project, and we wanted to share some of our favourites here.

Logo designers (in order of appearance):

@navybluesteel, @myraandjean, @wehnerhein, @danielcrossan@illustrations_by_nina, @s_a_z_ianno, @martycrew, @gnarl_lundqvist, @dl98, @chiara_dll, @waltraudrieken, @olyatikh, @fruenswerk, @juleskasol, @siralobo@gpeterhoff, @ep_doodling, @lenopardstudio

A huge huge HUGE thank you to everyone who sent in a design. We will reveal our new logo in early 2017.