First Words

21 January 2015 by Hazel

Hello world! The new website is up and soon to be filled with lots of juicy stuff. Since starting the Instagram account back in September, I’ve been putting all my efforts into filling it with mouth watering food pics and I haven’t really uttered a word about the idea behind it yet. So here goes…

Mad About Copenhagen, First Words, café, madaboutcopenhagen
Mad About Copenhagen, First Words, café, madaboutcopenhagen


First things first, let’s make sure everyone understands the name. A little Danish lesson for you all:

mad food; en ~ a sandwich; –en er færdig dinner/lunch is ready; give fuglene ~ feed the birds; lave ~ a) cook (fx learn how to cook); b) do the cooking (fx he does the cooking); han laver god ~ he is a good cook.

That is an unnecessarily long quote from a Dansk-Engelsk dictionary and basically says that the Danish word “mad” = the English word “food”.

So Mad About Copenhagen is not a project for people who are a crazy about Copenhagen, though that is one interpretation of the name. Primarily, Mad About Copenhagen concerns the food (and drink) that is all “about” Copenhagen.

Where it all started…

In Copenhagen and any city I’ve ever lived in or visited, I would always go to the utmost effort to research the best places to eat and drink, and not just those that pop up at the top of TripAdvisor or Yelp, but the local favourites, the new places, anything different from the norm. I’d spend ages asking everyone I met, trawling through recommendation sites, various Instagram profiles, blogs etc, just to find somewhere to drink my morning coffee.

So @madaboutcopenhagen, I hope, saves every one else going to this trouble every time they want to find somewhere new by making it easy to discover great places, events, etc.

It’s always depressed me to meet people on my travels who spend their foreign pennies at McDonalds and Starbucks, because they can’t be bothered to look any further than the chains. To me, travelling is all about experiencing the nuances and quirks of a place, and a key part of that is eating and drinking.

Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to look — it takes a lot of effort to hunt down the hidden gems, and once you get started, you’re suddenly overwhelmed with even more choice and you have even less of a clue! That’s what I want to change.

Mad About Copenhagen is the tool I always wish I had travelling, but specific to food & drink in Copenhagen. If it attempted to cover more cities, or topics (eg. hotels) it would be impossible to do it justice.

The future

Maybe in the future, if all is going well, Mad About Copenhagen will also make films about coffee brewing or the art of plating, release an illustrated foodie map of Copenhagen, and publish a curated recipe book of Copenhagen eateries and drinkeries. Watch this space.

In general, I just want to continue doing what I’m doing, inspiring Copenhageners and visitors to be curious and eager to try new things. And I hope I can get the word out there internationally a bit more so people who are planning a trip here know about @madaboutcopenhagen prior to visiting!