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Mad People

10 December 2016 by Hazel

You might have noticed a few more faces creep into our Instagram posts lately. It wasn’t an accident!

Nina & Anniken, ISTID, Mad People, Mad About Copenhagen
Nina & Anniken, ISTID, Mad People, madaboutcopenhagen

Whenever we visit a restaurant, grab a hotdog, or buy a coffee, our experience of what we’re consuming is so affected by the people who make it and serve us (even better if they’re the same person)! You might serve the best food in the world, but if you’re not a very nice person, we’re probably not going to come back, or recommend your place to others. Equally, what you serve might be similar to plenty of other places in the city, but because you’re so likeable, we love your place even more.

One example of the latter is Geoffrey. There are loads of world-class cocktail bars in Copenhagen — one of which is Balderdash. But when you walk into Balderdash, you’re instantly welcomed, and included in whatever is going on. Geoff is so good at making fun and chatting to everyone, that after a few minutes, you legit feel like you’re drinking in a bar full of your mates. It’s one of the only cocktail bars that I would go to by myself and have a really great time.

(Sorry, it’s a “creative space”, not a cocktail bar!)

In Copenhagen especially, people in the food business are always collaborating with each other, instead of competing. They team up to create pop-ups, products and even open restaurants together. It’s this nature of collaboration and unselfishness that (we believe) makes Copenhagen stand out as the greatest foodie city in the world.

So we set out to explore the stories of the Mad People in Copenhagen, as well as their food, drink, places. And this is just the start - we’re going to go a lot more into this theme in the weeks, months and years to come! Watch. This. Space.