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Why Instagram?

31 January 2015 by Hazel

I only got into Instagram recently (just before I moved to Copenhagen) but I'm fast becoming quite the Insta-nerd. For so many reasons, it's the perfect starting platform for Mad About Copenhagen. Here's why:

Behind the scenes

Mad About Copenhagen, map and guide, Instagram, Mad About Copenhagen
Mad About Copenhagen, map and guide, Instagram, madaboutcopenhagen
Mad About Copenhagen, Instagram, Mad About Copenhagen
Mad About Copenhagen, Instagram, madaboutcopenhagen

There is a huge foodie-insta community in Copenhagen, and many of those instagrammers have thousands more followers than @madaboutcopenhagen. But the point of Mad About Copenhagen is that the photos are featured are not (or, not always) from these high flying "instagrammers". In that same way that I like to find the cafés and restaurants that are somewhat under the radar, I prefer to feature less-known photographers. Finding them and their amazing photos takes a lot more time and effort, but it’s worth it.

The account is not a personal one, it’s a collection of hundreds of different perspectives on food and drink in Copenhagen, and I try to curate this as best as I can.

And no, I haven’t personally been and tried out all these restaurants, so many of the opinions expressed by @madaboutcopenhagen are also curated — from talking to people I trust, and reading of hundreds of captions and reviews!

I’m constantly adapting the way I post and identity of Mad About Copenhagen. Already it’s changed a little bit from what I started out doing, and now I don’t only recommend restaurants, cafés, bars and bakeries, but also announce foodie events before they happen.

So it’s becoming an account that people not only follow for recommendations, but also trust to alert them to when they can get free donuts!

missmillemaria, The Donut Shop, Mad About Copenhagen
missmillemaria, The Donut Shop, madaboutcopenhagen